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Finally, a weekly meal plan that makes feeding your family, even while counting macros, easy and delicious.

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Macro-friendly meal plans for busy, food lovers.

Stop the dinner-time dilemma. Weekly meal plans packed with recipes your whole family will love that also help you meet your goals.

Meal plan with shopping list and cover
  • Macro-friendly, high-protein meal ideas
  • Meal plans that adjust to any household size
  • Easily swap in new recipes or add your own
  • Convenient grocery lists for easy shopping
  • Detailed macro counts for easy tracking

Eat healthier. Save time. Spend less.

Our meal plans will maximize both your time and your budget without sacrificing quality and taste. It will leave you with more time for the things that matter most to you.

  • Stop wasting time searching for macro-friendly recipes
  • Eat healthier with our high protein, high fiber, veggie-packed meals
  • feel satisfied with our low calorie, but high volume and filling recipes
  • Spend less money by only buying what you need. Waste less
  • Cook one meal that your whole family will love
  • Never get bored eating the same thing over and over again

Take the guesswork out of healthy eating!

For just $2.50 per week

Every week you will receive a healthy, nutritious meal plan packed with tasty, family-friendly recipes. Your membership includes:

Your membership includes Meal Plan
Delicious, macro-friendly dinner recipes Included
Categorized shopping list Included
Recipes customized to household size Included
Access to over 200+ macro-friendly recipes Included
Meal prep ideas and suggestions Included
Digital and printable meal plan options Included
Option to create your own meal plans Included
Quarterly cost (16% Off) $30
Monthly cost $12/month

What's included in your membership…

Weekly menu

Receive a custom meal plan every Thursday, tailored to your family size. Fully customizable for your preferences and schedule.

Shopping list

Generate a personalized grocery list, organized for fast, easy shopping. Use it for in-store shopping or order directly for delivery.


Access to over 200 macro-friendly recipes that can easily be added to your meal plan. Create custom recipes and save favorites.

Custom tools

Customize your plan - swap in new recipes, adjust serving sizes, and move meals to different days.

Macro Counting

All recipes include complete macros to make tracking easy. Reach your goals and stick to your plan.

Meal Prep Tips

Every week we share tips and ideas for meal prep so you can get ahead. Healthy eating shouldn't be so hard.

All recipes are preloaded into MFP, Macros First, and Lose It, so you can simply search by title, find the recipe and log your portion!
Lillie in the Kitchen

Fall in love with meal time again.

I really do love to cook for my busy, hungry crew—or at least, I love the idea of it when things go right. When I know what I am making and I have the ingredients ready to go. When the meal is one that fits my goals and my family's taste buds. There is nothing better than seeing my family inhale a healthy meal that everyone is happy to eat. I love how food brings us together.

What I don't love is entering the kitchen without a plan. There is nothing worse than having to start from scratch each night, staring into an open fridge, and hoping for inspiration. They're HUNGRY and I'm scrambling. If you can relate, these meal plans are for you.

They will help maximize both your time and your budget without sacrificing quality and taste. They will make dinner time healthier, easier, and more enjoyable. Thank you for being here. I'm honored to have a spot in your kitchen.